Coping with chronic illness🎗️🎗️

Chronic illness is any condition that lasts for a year or longer. These illnesses can cause a drastic change in one’s lifestyle. They can interfere with employment, interpersonal relationships, and individuals independence, and disrupt the normalcy of their lifestyle.

Individuals who suffer with chronic illnesses have to deal with the illness itself. They frequently must with the feelings of having the illness, the effects of the illness, difficulties obtaining treatment due to health care crisis, and the side effects of medications used to treat the illness.

JThere are ways to make the best of life when dealing with chronic illness.

-Follow a healthy diet. Good nutrition always results in better health.

-Learn to accept your illness. When we are able to accept one thing, we are often able to move on the next. Always do what you can to live your best life.

-Seek support. Whether you find strength in sharing with close friends or reaching out to a support group, get involved with others and share your experiences and hope. If you feel a little shy, or you are more private, consider an online support group where you can remain anonymous.

-Find gratitude. Throughout the day find something to be grateful for. Whether you can find only one thing or several, one big thing or one Small-just be gratefull. Gratitude determines your attitude.

Dealing with a chronic illness is no walk in the park. It can be challenging. However, I believe we all have the ability to overcome difficult things. Challenge yourself to find your strengths in perceived weaknesses, joy in the time of pain, and the silver lining in every cloud.

The beginning of Martha Mantombi Caregivers🎗️

Martha Mantombi Caregivers was named after the late Martha Mantombi Rakau who passed away on the 29th of October 201, she died from Esophageal Cancer.

Years later, the founder Nonhlanhla Rakau registered a non-profit organization in memory of the late Martha Mantombi.

Martha Mantombi Caregivers is a registered non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness, prevention and early detection of diseases. The organisation intends to create a safe environment for patients, conducive healing and wellness in the community……..